David Kersey

David worked in the animation industry for 15 years at Disney Animation and Sony Pictures. David worked on two Oscar-winning projects Frozen and Feast. His other credits include Tangled, Wreck-it Ralph, The Polar Express, and The Chronicles of Narnia. He brings his story of growing up as an artist, being introduced to a computer at a young age, and the over whelming opportunities generated by the combination of art & technology. His passion is to tell any kid that no matter where they come from they can achieve success at the highest level.



Megan Perez

Megan is our Swiss Army knife. He comes to PIXEL™ with a background in marketing, content development, research, education, and learning management systems. In 2018 he taught “The Art of Storytelling” summer camp for NERDIES™ and now serves as PIXEL™’s executive assistant. When he’s not helping the Executive Director build and expand PIXEL™’s programs, you can find him working on a series of children’s books and a screenplay based on his experiences investigating allegations of police misconduct in New York City.

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Donald Peterson

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