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Movie Making


Session Description:
Ever want to make an actual movie? In the NERDIES™ Movie Making session you will do just that. You will learn all aspects of what it takes to make a film and create something awesome. Come be a part of something that will last forever and bring your incredible talents to help make it happen.

Parent Description:
Kids in this session will team up with their peers to work through all aspects of movie making. These include idea generation, writing, character development, storyboarding, acting, filming, and post-production. While the ultimate goal is to teach the kids how to create a film, they will learn additional, invaluable skills that will help them be successful in any industry later in life: team work, project management, creative thinking, communication, and exposure to new technologies.



NERDIES™ Summer Sessions will be held Monday - Friday. Start times vary depending on locations. Lunch will be provided at The New School location only.

A NON-REFUNDABLE payment is required to hold your spot for NERDIES™ Summer Sessions.  In the event your child is unable to attend the payment can be applied to future NERDIES™ offerings.

Minimum of 5 students required, maximum of 12 students total

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BLK ELK - A professional media company

"Blk Elk Media specializes in creating promotional photo and video content for a variety of clients. Their team has travelled to the four corners of the U.S. capturing everything from remote fly fishing in Alaska to behind the scenes content with Olympic Athletes in New York. These professionals will introduce the kids to their equipment, process, and give them a sneak peek into a real world media agency. They will create short commercials and promo videos for real products on their own or as a team."

Cannon McNair - 228_33.jpg

Cannon McNair - Freelance Designer and Videographer

This will be Cannon’s 3rd year leading a few our Movie Making sessions for NERDIES™ and we couldn’t be more excited. Cannon is a freelance designer film maker living in Fayetteville. He has a passion for creating impactful stories and developing brands through video content. His knowledge is vast from the creative to the technical. Cannon will take the kids through the process from story to production. They will create their own short films individually or as a team.


Check out these two films from last year!