John Waynick is a 3d artist with a focus on game environments. Over the course of his journey, John has had the chance to work with several game engines and to explore the ins and outs of the technical side of game development. A strong knowledge of code and a history in computer science has helped him gain understandings over every aspect of the development process from art to level design, from vfx to code. As the founder of Galaxy Interactive, John strives to create worlds that embody the fantastical realms that fill his dreams.



Do you like video games? Have you ever wondered what a typical day in the life of a game developer is like or how YOU can get in on the action? Get ready to jumpstart your career with a deep dive into game development using an industry standard for professional game development: Unreal Engine 4.

In this session, you'll learn key 3D game development concepts such as level design, game mechanics, and physics! We'll be creating the baseline for a game where the action, adventure, and narrative are limited only by your imagination.

July 8 - July 12 (Rogers) ( BENTONVILLE ) ( ages 11-14 )


We know kids love to play games, but what about learning from them? In this camp, your child will learn all about programming and design using the same software industry professionals use everyday: Unreal Engine 4. In this session, students will learn about level design and world building alongside high level programming concepts that translate to the real world. Unreal Engine is free to use so students will have the opportunity to keep building at home using what they learn this summer. For this session, students will also be provided with paid assets FOR FREE that they will be free to continue using beyond the class.



Flash Drive. Every student must bring their own flash drive if they want to take their project home afterwards. Please make sure you have an 8 or 16gb ( recommended ) flash drive.