MINECRAFT world building

Session Dates and Locations:

Each Weekly Session Runs Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 3:00pm

  • Jun 18 - Jun 22 (Rogers)
    • The Center For Nonprofits @ St Mary's, 1200 W Walnut St, Rogers, AR 72758
  • Jul 9 - Jul 13 (Fayetteville)
    • ALLPS Fayetteville School of Innovation, 2350 Old Farmington Rd., Fayetteville AR
  • Jul 23 - Jul 27 (Springdale)
    • Arts Center of the Ozarks, 214 Main St, Springdale, AR 72764

Age Range:
9 - 15

Session Description:

You and your team will have a dedicated Nerdies Minecraft server to help you build out your world and we will give you the necessary skills and tools to do just that. There will be specific tasks and challenges given to you where you can develop the necessary skills to take your Minecraft skills to the next level.

Parent Description:
Do you have a future architect on your hands? Or is your child a big picture thinker who is constantly creating and building things? If so the Nerdies Minecraft World Building might be perfect for them. We have found that the love your child has for Minecraft is the perfect catalyst for learning. As your child journeys through this session they will be learning all sorts of things and not even know it. They will learn aspects of code, MC Edit and other technology items but more importantly they will start thinking about how things are built, why they are built that way, and how to re-create them in ways they never have before. We are very excited about this session as it bridges that gap between the real world and a digital one.

So be ready to have a very excited child who all of the sudden is interested in understanding the architecture of a building, or the material that building is made of, or the history of an area because that is all knowledge they will want to have in order to use that knowledge at Nerdies.


All participants must have their own laptop (minimum 4Gb of RAM and run Windows 7 or one of the new operating systems) and awesomeness.


Nerdies Summer Sessions will be held Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm. Lunch not provided.

A NON-REFUNDABLE payment is required to hold your spot for Nerdies Summer Sessions.  In the event your child is unable to attend the payment can be applied to future Nerdies offerings.

Minimum of 5 students required, maximum of 12 students total

Scholarship Opportunities Available Here