Video Game Development

Session Dates and Locations:

Each Weekly Session Runs Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 3:00pm

  • Jun 12 - Jun 16 (Rogers)
    • University of Arkansas Global Campus, 3300 S Market St #402, Rogers, AR 72758
  • Jun 19 - Jun 23 (Fayetteville)
    • ALLPS Fayetteville School of Innovation, 2350 Old Farmington Rd., Fayetteville AR
  • Jul 10 - Jul 14 (Bentonville)
    • Record, 104 SW A St, Bentonville, AR 72712

Age Range:
9 - 15

Session Description:
Have you ever played a game so great you thought 'I want to be a part of this.' Or have you already thought of the next great app? In this session you will learn how to start making your ideas a reality and become a Video Game Developer.

We'll be creating a 2D platform game that can be shown to friends and family alike. Get the experience and learning you need to do someone awesome. Stop just playing games and start making them.

Parent Description:
We know kids love to play games but what about learning from them? Along with learning programming and digital painting and level design your child will learn to think critically about games as they would a book or film. Not only will the students learn the basics of making these games while in this session but can continue practicing after because the software we're teaching is free to use.


All participants must have their own laptop (preferably 2010 or newer) and awesomeness. To see if your laptop can handle this session download Unity3D and play the demo game. If your computer is not lagging then you should be fine. 


Nerdies Summer Sessions will be held Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm. All our nerds will either accompany a Nerdies mentor to lunch or lunch will be catered in from a variety of different local restaurants near and around the session location.

A NON-REFUNDABLE payment is required to hold your spot for Nerdies Summer Sessions.  In the event your child is unable to attend the payment can be applied to future Nerdies offerings.

Minimum of 5 students required, maximum of 10 students total

SS2017 - Video Game Dev
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