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James is a seasoned educator and youtuber. Since starting his channel, ‘Busvlogger’, in 2010 he has experienced, from the inside, the industry as it's grown into a mainstream media. His multi-platform lifestyle brand is known in the state of Arkansas as a go-to for the promotion of what's exciting in agriculture, entrepreneurship and creativity.

James has the experience to discuss networking, marketing, longevity and creativity in the YouTube space. In past sessions, he has brought guests like Rhett and Link, Tim Schmoyer, Kin Community and others to speak, electronically, to his Nerdies nerds. He has worked with groups near and far, like Arkansas Game and Fish, the Arkansas Agriculture Department, Cheerios, Nature Valley and Borden Milk.

Be a youtube star

Session Dates:

Each Weekly Session Runs Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 3:00pm

June 6th - 10th

June 27th - July 1st

July 18th - 22nd


Age Range:
9 - 15


     Nerdies - Fayetteville

     509 West Spring Street, Suite 260, Fayetteville AR 72701


Session Description:

Who watches TV anymore? YouTube is where it is at and have you ever wanted to start your own YouTube Channel or wanted to create your own show? Well at the Nerdies Be A YouTube Star session we will teach you exactly how to do that. Yes you can put up videos like everyone else but how do you get an audience? How do you get them coming back? How do you build subscribers? Anyone can put a video on YouTube, how can you do the same thing and become a star. By the end of this session you will have your first two YouTube episodes completed and will know what it takes to take your awesomeness to the next level.  

Parent Description:
If your kids are like ours they are constantly watching YouTube. The truth is that YouTube is hear to stay and is changing the paradigm of how the younger generation is consuming content. This session will not only get your child excited about doing something cool but will also teach them the basics of marketing, social media marketing, creative writing, content development, organization and project management skills.

While YouTube is the medium today the skills and thought patterns they will learn at Nerdies are so important for their future success. Customer Engagement, Content Development, Critical Thinking, Program Creation etc etc etc..... 

All participants must have their own laptop. 


Nerdies Summer Sessions will be held Monday through Friday from 8am-3pm. All our nerds will accompany an Nerdies mentor to lunch at a variety of different local restaurants near and around Nerdies.

A NON-REFUNDABLE payment is required to hold your spot for Nerdies Summer Sessions.  In the event your child is unable to attend the payment can be applied to future Nerdies offerings.

Minimum of 5 students required, maximum of 10 students total

SS2016 - Be A YouTube Star
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