New Coding Boot Camp Company Opens In NW Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas, June 2, 2015 - Nerdies, a Fayetteville AR based alternative learning company announces the formation and launch of its newest enterprise Blur State. Blur State is an adult age intensive coding boot camp learning company focusing on providing skills for those wanting to enter the IT profession in the areas of computer programming, design, business analysis and the like.  Blur State sessions will generally run 12-15 weeks, 2-3 nights a week. 
“There is a shortage of qualified computer programming talent across the area,” said Brad Harvey co-founder of Blur State and the founder and head nerd in charge at Nerdies. “Companies are struggling to find and hire the right kind of coding talent they need to run their businesses.
Also people looking to find employment or enter into this field struggle to find affordable relevant training just simply to get them in the door, Harvey said, “We started Blur State to fix this problem.” 
Blur State is new type of learning company because the focus is not only education but also the job placement and workforce development of their students. Blur State along with its partner companies work closely to develop curriculum ensuring the students coming out of the program have the necessary skills to potentially step right into a new job and new profession. 
“We are solving two major problems we see everyday in the hiring of new IT talent,” said Justin Hill, co-founder of Blur State.
Through partner companies Blur State is able to precisely identify the needs of their business and develop curriculum geared specifically to those issues, Hill said.
“On the other side we are able to provide learning opportunities that are relevant and timely which will give our students a much better shot at gaining employment upon completion of the session. It is a win for both sides,” Hill said.  
Blur State also takes a different approach with its overall mission and business model.
“When forming Blur State we talked at length about the direction and purpose of what we wanted the company to ultimately become,” Harvey said.  
In the end they felt like Blur State has an incredible opportunity to change peoples lives in a very positive way, Harvey said.
Entry-level computer programmers earned a median wage a little more than $48,000 in 2014, according to
“If we can work with companies across the region to produce quality job candidates, reduce the barriers of job entry for those students and get them into a new higher paying job with tremendous upside potential, we feel like we have won and have made a very positive contribution to the region and our students,” Harvey said.  
Blur State is taking candidate applications as they prepare to launch their upcoming sessions. Blur State, along with their partner companies, pre-screen all candidates and only accept those they think have the best potential for future employment. Session sizes are also limited in order to ensure the best possible learning environment.
If you would like further information please visit the Blur State website at or contact Brad Harvey at
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