Nerdies Launches New Summer Session

Make an Action Film 

Nerdies Newest Summer Session

The year: 2245

After losing the Battle of Maple-Tron 5, the last few remaining rebels have gathered at Nerdies headquarters in the heart of Old Fayetteville - the only place the humans have left. The robots have installed a new mech-mayor that rules the town. With time and supplies running out, the rebels have one week to turn the tide before the robot overlords completely take over Fayetteville – and change our lives forever.

In “Make an Action Film” you’ll get to come up with an idea like this one, and star in your own Hollywood movie! Not only that, you also get to work on sound effects, run the cameras, and even be a director. Then you can put your movie on YouTube and show everyone how cool your summer was.

Parent Description:

The group will work as a team to produce a short film, and they will be responsible for every aspect of production. Filmmakers will work together to storyboard, shoot, act, direct, and edit the movie, so they can really put their stamp on it. They will also be able to further develop valuable skills like organization (storyboarding), leadership (directing), and attention to detail (editing).


Bring an idea and get creative with it. We could do medieval times, ninjas, pirates, you name it. All ideas are welcome and encouraged.