NWA Nerd Awards Are Here!!

Our partner non-profit, The Foundation for Nerd Advancement, just launched the NWA Nerd Awards contest to support and recognize the great kids in Northwest Arkansas. Here is some information from the Foundation about the contest.

The NWA Nerd Awards (www.nwanerdawards.com) are an entry-based contest designed to recognize all the smart and talented kids across Northwest Arkansas who excel academically and want to take their passions for learning to the next level.

Through a generous gift from Nerdies, participants in the NWA Nerd Awards will be competing for five full scholarships, valued at $425.00 each, to attend an upcoming Nerdies Summer Session.

So let's support this great non-profit and the great kids of Northwest Arkansas. If you know a great kid please encourage them to enter this great contest and support their future!


More Information on the NWA Nerd Awards and the Foundation for Nerd Advancement can be found at:

NWA Nerd Awards: www.nwanerdawards.com

Foundation for Nerd Advancement: www.nonerdleftbehind.com

David KerseyComment