Want Your Kids To Be Successful? You Better Teach Them to Program.

Recently I was sent a link toCNN/PayScale’s listing of the Top 100 Jobs in America and I wasn’t surprised to see that a majority of the jobs listed had a heavy technical emphasis with programming being at the core. As a father, data nerd and owner of Nerdies I did some quick calculations around the jobs which would be the potential professions of the kids at Nerdies and boy are the numbers great. Of the Top 100 jobs 46% of them are right up Nerdies alley with an median salary of close to $100K/year and a 10 year growth rate of 27.8%! That is truly amazing and shows how important the skill of programming is to the economy and to the future of our children.

Nerdies is committed to not only providing our Nerds with a fun cool environment where they can do things they love but also providing a solid foundation which will shape their lives in a very positive and productive way for many years to come.

Keep Calm and Nerd On

David KerseyComment