Our First Failed Pitch Video

Well along with our successes at Nerdies we also love to celebrate our failures. This was the first attempt at creating a pitch video for our Indiegogo campaign and boy did it not work. The concept was to try and make something like the original Dollar Shave Club video and while it was awesome on paper it just didn’t work. Also since we didn’t have a space yet we thought that shooting the video at a local watering hole in Fayetteville should be fine. Umm, mistake on so many levels. ha ha

Some of the funny things about the video.

  1. Wow, I had no idea I needed to go on a diet that bad. Reminds me of the old line from Friends, “well you know that the camera adds 10 pounds”. “Well how many cameras are on you?”.
  2. So mix fat Brad and an unusually hot day and you get very fat sweaty Brad… ha ha
  3. The thing that was cracking us up the whole shoot was our Darth Vader. Our Darth Vader just happened to be some random guy who was sitting at the bar enjoying some refreshments when I asked him if he would wear the mask. He gladly accepted the challenge and for the next hour he never took off the mask or even moved. We think he took it as an opportunity to take a little nap.
  4. Poor Issac. We probably did 20 takes of me walking up the street and after a while I am sure he wasn’t real happy about me pushing him into the alley. But he was a great sport.
  5. Thanks to Jade for stepping up and doing the Robot for us.


And there are countless other odd or funny things which I am sure you will notice. Thanks for all of your support and enjoy.

David KerseyComment