Nerdies Update

Just wanted to give an update on where we are with Nerdies.

Last week was great as so many things happened and have so many things in the works.

  • Great week of contributions as we had our best day ever on Oct 30th, a day which was almost triple that of our previous best.
  • Met with a great company on a potential partnership and just working through the details now. More info to come but very exciting to potentially have Nerdies tied to such a great company.
  • Nerdies will be a participant at the upcoming NWA Start-Up Weekend on Nov 15th and we are very excited to present Nerdies to the best and brightest in the area.
  • I met with several other companies who reached out to Nerdies and have offered assistance in various ways.
  • The Game Design and Interactive Humanities Lab and the University of Arkansas also contacted us and wants to discuss a potential partnership with Nerdies. They have an evolving curriculum focused on developing a path for middle, junior and high school kids into the 3D visualization and gaming curricula at the UofA. THIS WILL BE AWESOME FOR OUR NERDS and I will let you all know how that goes.
  • The NPR affiliate in Fayetteville KUAF (91.3FM) will be airing the story they did about Nerdies tomorrow at noon and 7:00pm. It’s also my understanding they will post it on their website as well so remember to check it out. 

How can you help?

  • We have 30 days left on our campaign and encourage you to consider contributing if you have not already.
  • Help us by spreading the word.
  • While we have some amazing things happening we are still looking for businesses who want to partner with Nerdies as this is a great opportunity for everyone involved. Businesses get to help create a place for kids to grow and become better, also be tied to a new and incredible educational movement centering on technology and have joint marketing opportunities with Nerdies as we burst onto the scene. So if you know of anyone or want to discuss further please let me know.

Once again thank you for all your support and if I can help you with anything please let me know.

David KerseyComment