Nerdies Campaign Day 6 Update

Day 6 Update: First a reminder that today is the last day where any contributions will be matched by our amazing anonymous contributor. So if you have ever considered contributing today would be the day to do it as anything you give goes twice as far.

Great day yesterday, thank you to Matt, Pam, Sara and Betty for contributing and since we were able to double it we raised $550 for Nerdies. We also had a great interview with NPR affiliate KUAF about Nerdies which will air next week and I am also meeting with a local technology company today to discuss potential investment in Nerdies so wish me luck.

On a personal note: I cannot even explain how appreciative and humbled I am about the reaction we have received for Nerdies. Thank you so much for all of the ‘shares’ and exposure you have given us by telling your circle of friends and family about us. Truth is that right before we launched the campaign I was terrified about being this out front and vulnerable in front of EVERYONE I know. I thought what if no one cares, or we fail, or people think it’s a bad idea. These thoughts constantly ran through my head but finally decided to just go for it and the reception has been nothing short of amazing. So when I say thanks for all the support I truly mean it, not only for helping us validate Nerdies but for easing my mind and allowing me to sleep at night. I feel so lucky that I have such an amazing group of friends and family and live in such a great community that would support this crazy little thing we call Nerdies.

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