Nerdies, a place for all us nerds… Opening in Fayetteville Ar – January 2014

Nerdies is a new type of business which focuses on all us nerds out there by offering a cool coffee shop environment where people of all ages come and pursue things that they are interested in. Whether that is participating in a technology class, getting individualized tutoring, playing video games with friends or just hanging out in the Nerdies Caffeine Café, Nerdies provides a unique environment for all those people who think ‘smart is cool’ and are interested in pursuing activities they enjoy in this new tech world.

Nerdies focuses on that large population of people who often just don’t fit in or have activities that are geared toward them. They do not like sports, are six times more likely to play video games than ride a bike, could care less about the social scene, pay no attention to the latest fashion trends or care whether they are in the “popular” crowd. They are a group of smart inquisitive people who love to learn, explore new areas and just be themselves. Most of the world calls these people nerds, at Nerdies we call them our “nerds” and see them as a great group of people who need their own space.

At its core Nerdies is a training and tutoring company with other services sprinkled in which uniquely fit the customer base. We want the nerd that is sitting at home wanting to learn how to program “mods for Minecraft”, we want the nerd that wants to learn how to design using Photoshop or Illustrator, or the nerd that would love learning about robotics but doesn’t have the knowledge or the community to do so. Unlike in generations past, being a nerd today is actually cool.

So Nerdies is a haven for nerds and a great place for PONs (Parents of Nerds) as we provide a positive engaging environment where they can invest in their nerd’s future. Instead of just letting their kids waste away in front of the television, PON’s now have a place that will build their children up, allow them to socialize with like people and above all their nerds will love it. Jocks have sports leagues; Nerds have Nerdies……

Nerdies is turning to our fellow Nerd Nation through an upcoming campaign and asking for your support in helping us raise $75,000 to cover start-up costs related to the build out of our location, furnishings and equipment. We plan on opening the doors in January 2014 and appreciate your support. So please help us by telling everyone you know about Nerdies: tweet, Facebook, video blog, write about us, comment, send smoke signals, tin can string phone your friends, whatever it takes to help Nerdies become a reality

Keep Calm and Nerd On…….

Brad Harvey – Head Nerd In Charge

David KerseyComment