Day 7 Update: What a HUGE Day for Nerdies


Well just a quick glance at the chart shows that yesterday (10/30) was an amazing day for Nerdies. Thank you to all that contributed and an even bigger thanks to our anonymous contributor that matched every dollar for the past two days.

Every day I am more and more convinced about the power of Nerdies and what we are going to be able to do for people. I talk to people constantly who tell me about their smart kids and how they struggle to find them anything to do and better support their intelligence. I have talked to countless programmers who express how great it would have been to have a place like Nerdies when they were growing up, to have a place they could be around other people like them and have a mentor who could have guided them through the early years of their learning. I also have talked to several parents of Asperger kids who, just like other parents, struggle to find a place for their child and are excited that at minimum people in the community are starting to learn about Asperger’s Syndrome and what a gift a mind like that can be if given the proper opportunity.

So once again thank you for all the support you have all given Nerdies through your contributions, sharing it with your friends and all the support and offers of help we have received. we still have 34 days left on the campaign and a long way to go but if the first week is any indicator of the power of what we are building, I am very excited about the future of Nerdies. if you haven’t had the chance please make sure you check out our Indiegogo campaign at


David KerseyComment