No Nerds Left Behind


Over the past year, as we have been forming Nerdies, one of the key questions I was asked was if Nerdies was a for-profit or non-profit business. Nerdies is a for-profit business but it always really bothered me that due to costs it was possible that we would not be able to serve lower income kids out there. Just because you come from a working class or lower income family does not mean you are not smart enough or interested in going above and beyond in your education. Unfortunately, particularly in technology, money means access and so many brilliant kids lack the access to equipment, technology and the mentors needed to excel. There is also a growing knowledge gap between parents and their children as it relates to technology, resulting in a large majority of children having parents who simply do not have the skills needed to teach their own children about technology. 

As we thought through this issue, and believe that we have a social responsibility as business people, we knew we needed to do something different. Different, in that we need to support the economics of the for-profit business in order to keep the lights on AND need to address the needs of Nerds out there who otherwise would not have the access to the fantastic services Nerdies offers. So, on January 11, 2014 we completed the first step in forming the Foundation for Nerd Advancement, a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to ensuring that 'No Nerd Is Left Behind'. 

The Foundation for Nerd Advancement will work with local schools, state and federal agencies, regional and global companies and other non-profits, all working to make sure that any smart child who is interested in growing their knowledge in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) will now have that opportunity. 

For additional information or to find out ways you or your company can join us in revolutionizing education please feel free to contact us anytime.


Brad Harvey, Founder and Head Nerd in Charge at Nerdies

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