Self Paced Online Session


Age Range:
All Ages

Online Learning Session with video and written instruction

Session Description:
Getting bored of the same old blocks? The same old items? Think it would be cool to add in your own stuff, the way that you want it to look? Enrolling in the Mods For Minecraft programming class will let you do just that! Nerdies will teach you the steps it takes to make your imagination take form in the world of Minecraft!

Whether you are new to modding or an old pro, Nerdies will get you on a path to greatness. You get to learn how to download existing mods and use them, build your very own mod and learn how to modify that mod and make it AWESOME!

Parent  Description:
Why not take something that your child already loves and add learning to it? In this session we teach a multitude of topics that will get your child exposed to computer programming in Java, basic and advanced computer topics, and internet safety.

So if your child has been begging you to help them download mods or help them make their own mod this is the course you need to invest in. 



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