Greg Dunn is a full time mobile app & game developer with his company, Unseen Things.  He's always had a love of playing and making games, all the way back to the 80's arcades and Apple II computers.  He got involved in the App Store when it opened in 2008 and has been making apps and games with Unity 3D ever since.  You can find his portfolio of projects and games he's worked on at his website,

Course Description:
In this 5-day workshop, students will learn how to use Unity 3D and the C# programming language to build games.  The core focus will be making 3 different mini-games where each one builds off the previous one. First, we will build a space-themed "shoot 'em up" mini-game while learning how to navigate and write code in Unity.  Then we will make a second mini-game based on that code and then a third one based off the second one. This way, students will learn how to reuse code and see how the concepts work together in a broader sense.

I will also be talking about the importance of finishing projects, where & how to come up with ideas, and how to break down larger tasks into smaller ones.

No previous knowledge of Unity is required.  Some programming knowledge of basic variables and loops would be helpful but will be covered in class.  Students should bring a USB jumpdrive (4GB minimum) if they want to bring their projects home.