summer sessions Now open for enrollment

Nerdies Summer Sessions are limited sized week long day sessions which will give your Nerd something amazing to do this summer. We will get them exposed to various areas while challenging them in a cool relaxed environment. So instead of sticking them with a babysitter, daycare or letting them be bored all summer bring them to Nerdies for a week they will love.

Nerdies - Fayetteville

2015 Summer Sessions

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Sessions Currently Sold Out

Mods for Minecraft: Jun 15-19 & Jul 27-31   |   Robotics Challenge: Jun 22-26


SESSIONS Close to being SOLD OUT

Mods for Minecraft: Jun 8-12   |   Minecraft World Building: Jun 15-19, Jun 29 - Jul 3 & Jul 27-31

Nerd 101: Jun 1-5 & Jun 22-26   |   Makers: Jun 15-19

Weather Balloon Into Space: Jun 15-19 & Jul 27-31   |   Video Game Dev: Jun 15-19 & Jul 6-10